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What makes BLADE® wheels different?

BLADE Carbon Wheels® are THE most customizable carbon fiber road cycling wheels in North America. BLADE® offers over 5,000 different custom combinations. From customizing your decal colour to match your bike frame to choosing the finish of your carbon fibre BLADE® offers more functional and aesthetic combinations than any other carbon fiber wheel in North America. BLADE® is proud to be a Canadian Company.

How long has BLADE Carbon Wheels® been in the cycling business?

We have been in the cycling business since 2010 working with carbon fiber manufacturers overseas to bring an array of carbon cycling products to the North American Market. BLADE Carbon Wheels® were officially introduced in 2014 at the Toronto Bicycle Show.

What type of customer service can I expect from BLADE®?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers 100% satisfaction with our wheels. We love our wheels and want you to love them too! We believe in keeping our customers well informed so we share our knowledge about carbon fiber wheels with you. We are committed to our customers feeling so invested in their BLADE® wheels, they cannot wait to share and discuss BLADE® with their friends. Word of mouth is really important to us and, for this reason, we have introduced a BLADE® promotion incentive program to all customers (see next question for details).

What is the BLADE® Promotion Incentive Program?

If you purchase a set of BLADE Carbon Wheels®, we will provide you with your very own promotion code (ie., only you have this code). This code can be given to friends, family or other local riders interested in purchasing BLADE® wheels (word of mouth, social media, etc). Upon purchase of a set of wheels where your promotion code is entered, the purchaser of the wheels receives $50.00 off the wheel-set purchase price. At the end of the year, we tally up the number of times your promotion code was used and multiply this by $100. For example, if 4 customers used your promotion code, you would receive a $400 cheque at the end of the year in gratitude for your time, effort and investment in BLADE® Carbon Wheels.

How long will it take my wheels to be delivered to my door?

From the date of your order, your wheels will be delivered to your specified delivery location, within 5-7 weeks.  Sometimes shipments can be delays. Specialized wheels such as discs, may take longer and you will be notified of this when you purchase.

What is the hub brand?

BLADE Carbon Wheels® works directly with the largest hub manufacturer in the world to bring you a 6-pawl, 6 v-spring hub with Japanese ezo-sealed bearings.

What type of spokes does BLADE® offer?

SAPIM CX or upgrade to SAPIM-RAY spokes in all black OR PILLAR 1423 spokes in black or white.

Quality performance – Extreme freedom!