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Blade Carbon Wheels - About Renting


The right equipment is key to taking your road or track races to the next level. If you’re not in the market for a new set of carbon fiber wheels, but need high-quality performance wheels for your next race, tour or cycling event, BLADE Carbon Wheels® can offer you a set to rent.

Renting our carbon tubular or clincher wheel sets is a great opportunity to try our product before making the investment…we believe that once you have tested our wheels the next step is to purchase your own custom set. We will subtract half the rental fee(s) from the cost of your new set. We want to give you the ability to ride our wheels a number of times during your rental period so a “rental period” is 2 weeks.(does not include shipping time)

Rental Cost (shipping not included)

  • 38-50-60mm sets = $125.00
  • 60/88 – 88mm sets = $145.00
  • Tri or 5 Spoke = 165.00
  • Tri – 5 spoke + Disc = 185.00
  • Rear disc – 125.00

We try our best to provide you with exactly what you are looking for but because we have so many combinations this is not possible. All our rental wheels come with Blade Hubs.

Our rental process is simple:

  1. Send an email to robert@bladecarbonwheels.com and in your email tell us
    • when you are looking to rent the wheels
    • what size you are looking to rent
  2. We will reply to your email and include our Wheel Reservation Form for you to complete and return to us.
  3. Once you return the form we will arrange shipping according to your request date.
  4. You will be responsible to pay for return shipping back to us.


In the event that during your rental you get a flat tire you can switch the tube yourself and continue with your rental period, or when the wheels are returned to us the cost of a new tube is $10.00. In the case of a flat with Tubulars we require the wheels be shipped back to us for repair. Replacement cost on a tubular is $80.00.

We suggest you reserve wheels well in advance if you want them for that big race.

Accidental Damage Replacement Warranty

BLADE® wheels come with an accidental damage replacement warranty. In a nutshell, if you hit a pot hole, run into a curb or crash, causing unrepairable damage to the rental wheels, you will be responsible to pay 50% the regular price of the wheels.

Quality performance – Extreme freedom!