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BLADE Carbon Wheels - Spokes

BLADE® offers three spoke choices:

1) Our standard spoke, the SAPIM CX-Delta (weight = 6.6 grams, 260mm)

2) Pillar 1423 (weight = 6.5 grams, 260mm).  This spoke comes in both black and white and you can customized your wheels with any combination of black and/or white spokes

3) SAPIM CX-Ray (weight 4.2 grams – 260mm).  These pokes will shed 100 grams off your wheels.  This spoke is considered an upgrade and there will be a surcharge applied to your wheels.

When ordering your wheels, if you would like a combination of black and white Pillar 1423 spokes, just explain this in text.  If we are unclear what you are asking for, we will follow up with either a phone call or email to ensure you get the customized wheels of your dreams!