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“I really enjoy how light and flashy my Blades are. It’s my 2nd season on the 88mm’s and they continue to give me confidence that I can compete faster. Not one issue since I got them, and it’s fun to see all the racers/riders on them. Since Blade is a newer company, everyone’s wheels are their new toys. It’s kinda like you’re part of a club, I’m always meeting new people who are riding Blades and everyone raves about them!”

Ryan Dockman Toronto

Here is a short review of my experience so far with my set of wheels. I had the opportunity to order a custom set of clincher Blade Carbon wheels with 35mm deep in the front and 55mm in the rear. The rims themselves were 25mm wide to go with the conti gp4000 ii that I had planned to install on it. One of the reasons I choice to go with clinchers was because of Continentals only made GP 4000ii with 25mm width for clincher type rims. They do come in 23mm for tubular but no other sizes. I had absolutely no trouble installing the pair of brand new tire on the rim without any tools but my hands. I was previously advised to try and set the brake pads on the lower side of the brake tracks as these were clincher wheels. Made the adjustments and went out on my rides. I've ridden these wheels on flat courses like the Calabogie and Mosport race track as well as hilly courses such as Blue Mountain and Forks of credit. Like all aero wheels, with enough cross wind you'll have to fight to hold a semi straight line. After speaking with other teammates who were using other top tier wheel, the feedback they receive from their wheels were very similar to the feedback my Blade Carbon wheels were giving me. With a strong enough gust of wind, its unavoidable to get blown around a bit. The wheels itself are plenty stiff and they feel more solid then other named branded carbon wheels I own at the moment. They're great on descend and once they pickup speed, they can hold it well. One down side or area of improvement was braking in the wet, they did not perform as well as my aluminum beater wheels. I was required to brake earlier and longer when slowing down to a stop. My overall experience with them has been nothing but thumbs up all while receiving plenty of compliments from other cyclist on the road. **I've attached some of the photo as the original size, if there are any issues, please let me know

Billy Chan

My third race at Ironman Mont-Tremblant saw my third race with Blade Carbon Wheels. This was the second year I have completed the race with my 80mm front and full carbon disc rear. I am very happy with the way the wheels spin up and cruise along the open highway. Definitely one of the most aerodynamic parts on my bike. Price point makes them an ideal wheel to purchase as well. Aside from my winter trainer, the current wheel configuration has been on my bike since purchasing the wheels two years ago. The climbing portion of the Ironman was not too difficult with the disc, because on the downhill you will have a smile on your face. Customizing the wheel to match my current bike was a very nice added bonus with Blade Carbon Wheels.

Derek Abbotts

I have nothing but good things to say about Blade Carbon Wheels! The wheels themselves are unreal, they are nice and stiff, and cut right through the wind, plus they are so light that my LBS was so impressed they weighed them for fun just to see the difference between them and my stock wheels. My Blade Wheels really helped me step up my game this past season, pulling off some triathlon bike splits that I used to only dream of, and qualifying for 70.3 World Championships next year. Additionally, the folks at Blade were incredibly helpful right from the get-go, when I was deciding which wheels were the best fit for my purposes, to placing my order and delivery, and getting the wheels set up and ready to roll. Plus I always love that I am supporting a local Canadian company. I can’t wait to see what my wheels and I will be able to accomplish next season!


Review of 60 80 classic wheels Last year I purchased a set of 60/88 classic wheels for my CADD 10 road bike, looking for some added aero benefit as I qualified for the 2018 Team Canada Aquabike race team. I raced on the wheels both on my aero bars as well as on the hoods and felt extremely stable in cross winds. I found them easy to spin up and they felt like they just wanted to keep on spinning all day long. With assistance from the wheels, I was able to have the 3rd fastest bike split and be first in my age group to secure my ticket to Denmark in 2018. This year I added a P2 to my racing arsenal and transferred my Blade wheels to this new speed machine. I raced in the 2018 Multisport Aquabike World Championship in Denmark on an extremely windy course. The wheels sliced through the head wind and in the cross winds I was stable on my aero bars and never once felt the need to come out of my aero tuck to combat the wind. As a matter of fact, the wheels acted like a sail and helped me “fly” along the course finishing sixth in my age group and 35th overall in the world. I now swapp the wheels between my road bike and TT bike as I train and race on them for all outdoor rides (7000km+), in all weather, and still roll as perfect as the day I got them. These wheels are not just for race day!

Andrew Edge

These blade carbons wheels are amazing. They are unbelievably easy to ride on that you actually feel like you are floating on air. And down hill you fly! No matter how fast you get going, they grip the road and never wobble. The customization of the tire is what makes them the best. They make my bike stand out from the rest. The amount of people that come over and ask questions and admire the tires show you how stunning they actually are. Always wanted carbon tires and these were definitely worth the wait to get. I just finished Ironman Canada 10 days ago and had an amazing bike there. Last year biking was my worst discipline that I was always way far behind in. I was so excited to see that I was 20th in my AG last weekend and I owe a lot of that to the new tires! Once I recover there will be some new and better photos!

Chandra Kalke

I have been racing on my 60mm and 88mm clincher tires from Blade Carbon Wheels for 2 years. I use my wheels as my training and racing tires for duathlons. These wheels have proved to be an amazing addition to my bike. My wheels handle so well in any wind conditions especially in headwinds and crosswinds. I have confidence in the design and structure of the wheels and confidence in my Blades that I never worry about being forced out of my areo position during a race or training ride. My Blade Carbon Wheels continue to have me earning podium finishes in my competitive 50-59 age group.

Tim Doris

This is my brief testimonial: My BLADE Carbon Wheel Set is the best upgrade I've had on my bike! They gave me the competitive edge that I needed to crank up my training and performance. BLADE Wheels are both fully customizable to complement your style, as well as highly functional on different terrains and conditions. They are superior in quality and finish, superb on climbs, and has excellent aerodynamics -- all for an affordable price. BLADE Carbon Wheels is proudly Canadian and provide top-notch customer service. Cheers!

Dempsey Cruz

I started using my blade carbon wheels in June at the Guelph lake 1 sprint triathlon. I noticed an immediate improvement on my bike split. I had an amazing ride and after some practice on riding aero using my 79 mm G2 wheels, I have increased my my bag speed about 2kms an hour over last years race times. I am very happy with my continuing good results and look forward to better improvements in the seasons to come as my cycling skills and power improve. I have seen my first podium performance this year and am only hungry for more!! I have found blade to be an good company to deal with who listens to their customers and has made sure I have had a great season. I would recommend blade carbon wheels to the cyclist looking to get more serious with their results and improve their overall cycling experience.

Cathy cook

Although my season is just getting started (I am primarily a track cyclist), I’ve been out training every day on my new wheels, enjoying the beautiful weather Ontario has given us this summer! Riding on my new wheels from Blade Carbon Wheels has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never had a set of wheels so light, yet stiff and stable at the same time. The wheels have improved my performance in training, races and local time trials. (And they look great, which automatically makes everyone go faster). I notice a difference especially climbing hills. At the end of August, I will be racing in the Green Mountain Stage Race, which is practically all climbing and I am grateful for my wheels! I feel lucky to have a set of wheels that work in harmony with my training to help me be the best cyclist I can be. Next up, track season!

Ali van Yzendoorn

BLADE FULL DISK AND TRI-SPOKE WHEEL REVIEW Upgrading one’s wheel set is arguably the most important upgrade one can make. Certainly it is primary in initial upgrades. The time trial; or race of truth not only is an indicator of the form of the athlete it is too a critical test of equipment form and function. Nowhere is this more true than in the wheels one selects. The overall importance of training and refining one’s position is not to be understated. It is after all the motor; the athlete whom drives the machine. However all else being equal we look to our equipment to provide us with that certain advantage. BLADE FULL DISK WHEEL - TUBULAR I have used numerous wheel sets and a few different full disk wheels. Prior to receiving the BLADE full disk I was using a PRO full carbon tubular rear wheel. This was and is a fine wheel with a strong pedigree. My first impressions of the BLADE disk aside from marvelous graphics and aesthetics was it’s weight and balance. First test rides proved it to be quite fast and stable in even moderate crossing winds. My first race with this wheel; then paired with a ZIPP 808 front as I had not yet received the BLADE tri-spoke was eye opening. On a 40k course I had raced on a few weeks earlier my finishing time in very similar conditions was over two minutes faster. While there are numerous factors that should be considered; with the only real change being the BLADE disk wheel the improved time is quite significant.

Bob Kuehn

I got them in May and used them at IM Brazil , I had just one ride to try them out and that went really well. I race most weekends and I have used them at each race. This year I have PB’d the bike portion of every race (all but one was a repeat race so I had a benchmark). A friend I race with has noticed my improved bike splits and has been inquiring about my new wheels and is impressed. I have also found even though my bike has been quicker my legs have felt good on the run and my run times have improved. I have nothing but good thoughts and opinions to give about these wheels as I am definitely going fast in 2018 I still have a few more repeat races to try them out on and hoping the trend will continue

Felicia LONG

I have loved riding on my blade carbon wheels this season. I have been doing all sorts of races this year and my wheels have help up great in all conditions. Whether I was going up or down hills, going around fast corners, or just going as fast as possible in a sprint the wheels have been great for everything. I have had many races in the rain or over rough terrain and the wheels have had no issues. No matter what the conditions are or what the course is like I know my blade carbon wheels will give me a great shot at winning. Now my season hasn’t been perfect as I have had many crashes and have broken lots of equipment including a bike, but my wheels are still in great shape. They are light wheels but also very stiff which makes them great for getting up hills and for the sprint at the finish. Overall I couldn’t ask for better wheels to race on!

Daniel Gregory

After a long cold and wet winter here in Australia, Spring has finally sprung and so to our racing season here in Victoria. Finally, I had my chance to race on my Carbon Blade Wheels for the first time and my motivation was high. For the last few months I have been following other Carbon Blade Wheel Ambassadors from the northern hemisphere and seeing great results. I have been training on my wheels in all conditions you can think of, smooth, rough, and gravel roads, in the rain, snow and hail, and the odd occasion in winter sun, thank god. The performance I have experienced on these wheels has been outstanding and has given me the confidence to really push to new highs. My first race back would be Round 6 of Cycling Victoria Racing Series – Sam Miranda Strade Nero road race including 115km, 800vm and 4 gravel sectors. After having an extended period off the bike, due to readjusting to fatherhood, my goals were rather simple. Get over the climb and finish with the bunch, not knowing how my body would respond to the racing environment, I was clearly looking for race kms in the legs for next season. I rode a smart race, eating and drinking regularly, and positioning myself at key moments. With 10kms to go, the bunch became activate, people trying to get off the front and solo to victory. With 6 kms to go, two guys were off the front and no one was working to shut it down. For some reason I decide to go, not sure what I was thinking ha ha ha, I bridged across effortlessly, totally putting that down to my wheels. At the 5km to go, we now had 4 guys working together and rolling strong turns, the belief was starting to grow. The bunch was now closing in and setting up for a sprint finish, our break away was fading, and I still felt good. With 600m to go, I gave it everything I had, and manage to cross the line first ahead of the main bunch. I had just won my first race back and I couldn’t believe it. Not bad for a guy that only wanted to get over the climb and finish with the bunch. I really like to thank Carbon Blade Wheels for their support over the last few months, as I look forward to the rest of the season and what it may deliver.

I did my first triathlon at the age of 38. I was not a swimmer, a cyclist or a runner. Cycling was the one discipline I really struggled with. I was not a strong cyclist. I was slow (still not that fast compared to most!). I found it painful. I went through 3 bikes before finding one I enjoyed riding - my current Cervelo S5 -. And then a friend lent me his Zipp wheels. Wow did that feel good. Much lighter, much faster. Shortly after that I saw a post about becoming a Bladecarbon ambassador. I was intrigued and applied and got lucky! I ordered a pair right away and have been enjoying them since. I have improved a lot on the bike not only due to my hard work and a comfortable bike but also because of my light wheels. I feel like I can go forever on the bike. I am not as sluggish. And I don't struggle uphill anymore. Plus they look bad ass and make me look bad ass.

Caroline BRETON


Blade Carbon Wheels – “Classic” and “2G”

See President and Founder of Blade Carbon Wheels, Rob Milligan, discussing the differences between our “Classic” and “2G” Wheels.

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Blade Carbon Wheels – “Classic” and “2G”

See President and Founder of Blade Carbon Wheels, Rob Milligan, discussing the differences between our “Classic” and “2G” Wheels.

The newest edition to BLADE’S lineup brings the rider the newest award winning technology at the Eurobike and Taipei Bike Shows. Blade “2G” wheels are built using the innovative Computer Numerical Code (CNC) - Filament Winding Technology, making the rims both stiffer and lighter.

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